Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Daily News Article on Heavenly Delights

By Chrisena Coleman.

Ask Fauzia Abdur-Rahman what she plans to cook tomorrow on her Heavenly Delights food cart, and chances are she doesn't know.

But that doesn't stop her customers from coming back for more of whatever is on the menu that day.

At her deluxe cart, which has been parked on the corner of 161st St. and Sheridan Ave. - just outside the doors of the Bronx District Attorney's office - for the past 12years, there are no printed menus.

"I don't have printed menus because I decide what I am going to cook each morning," said the 49-year-old Abdur-Rahman. "I think food is exciting, so I enjoy changing the menu everyday.

"I cook on the cart, like I cook in my house and I try to make sure everything is healthy," she said. "I do grilled chicken, jerk chicken, salmon, salads, smoothies and I always have lots of vegetables."

Abdur-Rahman arrives at her spot about 9a.m. and fires up the grill. She cooks the food inside her Heavenly Delights food cart - equipped with a grill, electricity and running water.

By 11 a.m., her handwritten menu is complete and taped to the cart. Lawyers, court officers, cops and city workers take a peek at the white paper bill of fare and then stand in line.... use the link below to view the whole article on the daily news website.

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